To: J.R. Kensington et al.
From: W. Brahms

I will answer your inquiry on Desert Shield based on the public disclosures and declassified info.

The JILE teams at CENTCOM passed intelligence to U.S. forces and relayed the RFIs back to Headquarters.

The probable locations and capabilities of Iraq’s chemical weapons were the focus of hundreds of intelligence products passed to military units in the KTO. These consisted of reports, photographs, maps, etc.

Intelligence passed to the military included strategic warnings that Iraq was preparing to launch Scud missiles and the Israel would be a target when hostilities commenced, that Iraq had chemical warheads and probably biological warheads for its Scuds, that Iraq had deployed in the KTO chemical decontamination stations and was likely to use chemical weapons in a ground war.

Actionable intelligence included information on Iraqi WMD such as the chemical and biological agents Iraq might use, the locations of missile, chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities, and the size of the Scud force and locations of Scud launchers.

Keep all this in mind as you follow current developments in the Gulf.

As for SAS penetration of Iraqi defense in and around Kuwait City, that’ll be the subject of another letter some time in the future.

-- William Brahms.

William Brahms
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